rain1 [ reın ] noun ***
uncount water that falls in drops from clouds in the sky:
Drops of rain ran down the window pane.
Outside the rain continued to fall steadily.
heavy/torrential/pouring rain (=a lot of rain): Heavy rain has been forecast for Saturday and Sunday.
in the rain: People were lining up for buses in the rain.
light rain (=a small amount of rain): Visibility was good, with only occasional light rain.
a. the rains plural the large amounts of rain that fall in tropical regions during a particular season:
the monsoon rains
(as) right as rain INFORMAL
healthy or happy again after an illness or unpleasant experience:
She looked as right as rain when I saw her.
(come) rain or shine
used for saying that something always happens or someone always does something despite bad weather or difficult conditions:
She runs six miles every morning, rain or shine.
rain 2 [ reın ] verb **
1. ) intransitive if it rains, water falls from clouds in the sky:
Just as we were leaving home it started to rain.
rain heavily/hard (=to rain a lot): It had been raining heavily all day.
2. ) rain or rain down intransitive to fall from the air in large amounts:
Bombs rained on the crowded streets.
3. ) rain or rain down intransitive or transitive to hit or hit against someone or something violently and repeatedly:
He struggled to block the blows raining on him.
it's raining cats and dogs OLD-FASHIONED
used for saying that a lot of rain is falling
rain on someone's parade AMERICAN INFORMAL
to do something to stop someone enjoying something good that is happening to them
rained out
if a sports game or other outside event is rained out, it does not happen because of rain
when it rains it pours SPOKEN
used for saying that problems often seem to happen all at the same time
,rain `down phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive same as RAIN 2 2:
Sparks from the fire rained down on the frightened spectators.
2. ) intransitive or transitive same as RAIN 2 3:
I felt kicks and blows raining down on me from all directions.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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